Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Can't sleep like I used to!

Take your sleep back to how it used to be before your neighbour got that broadband router upgrade.

Wireless radiation from your own wireless applications can be combated easily but if you turn all your technology off and still find you're having trouble sleeping, likelihood is your sleeping environment is being affected by none ionising radiation from a phone mast, your neighbours broadband router or any number of increasing technologies that communicate using wireless with you or other appliances.

We have come up with a simple, almost risk free way of taking your bedroom back in time a decade or so to a world where microwave radiation from wireless communications was not quite so intrusive in our lives.  Many of us suffer greatly from the disruption that RFR (radio frequency radiation) causes to our melatonin (the vital sleep hormone) production.  Now you can find out if this is your sleep issue and from our 11 years of expearience in this field, if you have sleep issues chances are RFR will be at least part of your problem by renting one of our sleep solutions for a month.  Try it youll be shocked at the improvment in your quality of sleep or simply return the canopy if not satisfied and only pay the small rental fee. View our EMF Bed Canopies